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One on One Tutoring for all Skill and Ability Levels

Not only do students agonize in subject matter, the most of brilliant students can also struggle with organization, focus and essential study skills.  This type of stress could lead to lower classroom performance, poor grades, and a lack of confidence.

Advanced Education and Child Services program will accommodate to your child’s curriculum and homework, by helping to improve grades, support self-confidence and using tools for a deeper, more meaningful learning experience.

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Families choose homeschooling for many reasons.

Most families like the flexibility in choosing a curriculum that suits their child.  Families are given more opportunities to implement varied learning methods in teaching content.  Advanced Education and Child Services can support your educational needs with the homeschool curriculum you choose, or we can provide one for you.

With AECS we will put your child on a schedule that suits your child and family. We will provide direct support for as much or as little as your child needs. The sessions can provide direct support to the homeschool curriculum, by focusing on remediating certain subjects or simply bringing your child to grade level.  Just like all of the other programs offered at AECS, we are creative and flexible, yet able to provide a dynamic learning environment that takes in consideration the “whole child”.

Homeschooling Girl with Down Syndrome


For a child who lives with specific learning disabilities...

…or other disabilities that make learning complicated, skillful tutoring is critical.  Implementing a special needs tutoring program can make all the difference when building foundational skills, reaching grade level and maintaining skills.

Children with disabilities are often too stimulated and overwhelmed within group-learning environments to maintain focus. Some children have processing delays and need to have content delivered to them that meets their learning style.  Children who have disabilities are usually subjected to a range of unnecessary, counterproductive standardized tests, that fail to address the ways in which the child learns best.  Overexposure to these counterproductive assessments leads to children feeling less confident about themselves and frustrated with school.

Advanced Education and Child Services collaborates with your child’s teacher and any other specialists to ensure the program aligns with your child’s IEP goals or 504 Plans.  Because you are your child’s best advocate, you will always have a say in the support we provide your child. Together, we will work with you and with the school to craft a customized, comprehensive approach that truly serves your child.

Skills development of children with disabilities


Organizational Skills and Study Skills Tutoring

Advanced Education and Child Services tutors are dedicated to helping students with complicated learning profiles excel in their academic and personal lives through the formation of positive habits and development of lifelong organizational skills.

Our tutors help develop organizational skills for life, beginning with interventions for elementary school through college. We approach our work from the developmental perspective offering customized, individualized sessions based on each client’s specific needs and developmental stage.

Our tutors’ goals are to provide immediate, customized interventions targeting and expanding existing Executive Functioning skills and to develop a significant, positive shift in habits toward sustainable, ongoing improvement of Executive Functioning.

Every student is different, and AECS is committed to identifying and addressing the issues that each student faces. In general, we help students develop skills related to:

  • Planning and following through
  • Time management and putting assignments off
  • Focus and limiting distractions.
  • Learn impulse control.
  • Learn to multitask.
  • Organization of written ideas
  • Language-based difficulties (dyslexia, expressive and receptive language challenges etc.)
  • Dyscalculia

Through the implementation of specific learning and cognitive techniques, we help students achieve greater structure and organization in their schoolwork and personal lives. We use a variety of methods to strengthen students ‘organizational skills, including writing, time management, and personalized study strategies. In addition, we focus on cross-subject.